Day 1

Hey all!

Our first day was crazy, fun, and exhilarating all at the same time. First, we assembled in the hotel lobby to take the local bus to Technos College where we entered the Welcome Ceremony on a red carpet. This was a crazy event because every single Technos student was screaming greetings and were all quite excited to see us. Each school entered one at a time, was asked a few questions on stage, and took our place on a balcony to continue waving. After the ceremony Christin was a bit of a celebrity with her long blonde hair attracting the eyes of dozens of students asking for photos. As a group we gathered in a room off the cafeteria for the Welcome Party complete with food, drinks, and introductions galore.
Once the party was over, all the International students (so the non-Japanese) were put in random groups to go on a tour of the surrounding areas. The first stop was the Okunitama Shrine where we learned how to initiate our own cleansing ceremony where our hands and lips are purified. The next stop was Round 1, a popular game center for Japanese teens to spend the afternoon. Our last tourist stop was at the 100 Yen store, which is the equivalent of an American Dollar General Store. I happened to run into two American missionaries who gave several tips on how to make the following weeks a success. Finally, we ate dinner in a food court at a mall called Kururu.
All in all it was a successful first day, but many more followed with excellent stories.

Mariah Lyn Logan

Welcome Ceremony at Technos College

Welcome Ceremony at Technos College

Okunitama Shrine

Okunitama Shrine

Round 1 Game Center

Round 1 Game Center

Dinner of Sesame Noodles

Dinner of Sesame Noodles


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  1. Ann Collins

    What a wonderful welcome! Enjoy your trip!

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