Farewell Japan

The last couple of days spent in Japan were full of heavy hearts and sad goodbyes. On Friday, Technos College held a closing ceremony. Professor John Yelding from Hope College (United States) spoke on behalf of the faculty, and I had the privilege to speak on behalf of the international students. It was an honor and an opportunity that I appreciated in order to thank all of those individuals who had made International Technos Week possible.

Without a doubt, Technos Week 2014 will always be remembered and cherished. For me, the experiences and culture of Japan were incredible, but it was the people who made the trip truly unforgettable; lifelong friendships were created in just two weeks. I am beyond thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity and honored that we were able to “Make Our Mark” for the United States, ourselves, and most importantly, our Bearcat Family.


Christin Austin

Tearful farewells

Tearful farewells

Christin's Closing Ceremony Speech

Christin’s Closing Ceremony Speech

Leaving Technos College

Leaving Technos College

Airport goodbyes

Airport goodbyes

Survived the 12 hour flight...Made it back to the states

Survived the 12 hour flight…Made it back to the States


2 responses to “Farewell Japan

  1. Jill Boehne

    Sounds like a true adventure that you all will remember forever! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  2. Thank you, Christin, Mariah, and Darryn, for posting some stories about your adventures in Japan. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, learned a lot about the Japanese culture, and “made your mark” as ambassadors of McKendree. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in the fall.

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